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Welcome to the Onalaska Hilltopper Athletic Booster Club!

The Onalaska Hilltopper Athletic Booster Club is a school-wide organization that supports all of our students across all of our sports. The Booster Club provides funds where district funding falls short.  

We are excited to kick-off the 2020-2021 academic year.  With your help, we look forward to supporting all of the Onalaska High School student athletes and teams!

Follow us on the "Onalaska Hilltopper Athletic Booster Club" Facebook page for current events and sports news from all of our teams.

The 2020-2021 school year was another outstanding year for our OHS student athletes

Fall 2020-2021

Total Athletes - 256

More Than an Athlete - 181

Scholar Athletes - 75

Winter 2020-2021

Total Athletes - 164

More Than an Athlete - 108

Scholar Athletes - 64

Spring 2021

Total Athletes - 240

More Than an Athlete - 167

Scholar Athletes - 71


Scholar Athletes  - Students must earn a varsity letter in their sport along with obtaining a 3.5 or higher gpa during their sport quarter.

More Than an Athlete - This program recognizes student athletes who are in good standing and in at least one sport.  Student cannot have any school violations including truancy.  Recognition will be held each semester.  Current semester gpa is 3.25 or higher. 

Become a Onalaska Hilltopper Booster Club Sponsor or Member today!

Sponsorships: Businesses or individuals who would like to sponsor the OHABC through a tax deductible donation can benefit from various levels of recognition, depending upon the donation level. 

Memberships: Become a member and support our student athletes! In addition to voting privileges at the annual meeting, you will also receive Ona fan gear, and even annual activities passes (no more buying tickets to get into every sporting event!), depending on your membership level.

Donate Today!

Click here to donate to the Onalaska Athletic Booster Club.


The Onalaska Booster Club recently purchased $1,500 in equipment to support streaming athletic events. Most home athletic events will be streamed on our YouTube channel. In some cases we may not stream certain events if local media is providing coverage. Away athletic events may be covered by the hosting school. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates on links to the video streams as they are available.

Onalaska High School Booster Club



Kris Borene

Onalaska Athletic Booster Club President

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